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Awesome Changes and Upcoming IG Challenge

Posted by Britny Brown on

So many great things are happening this month and it literally has made me feel like a little kid! For starters we have a new manufacture for all of our T-shirts, Tanks, and Hoodies. They are now all 100% made in U.S.A. and from a fellow Veteran owned Company. Great Quality, while supporting an awesome cause, Horsepower Therapy, until the end of October. 

We partnered with a local wood shop, here on he island of Guam, to make our wooden stud earrings with our logo. 100% of these proceeds will be going towards kids in need of water bottles fr school. Due to all the precautions at school with COVID, the kids are unable to drink straight from the water fountain. 

This Friday, 28 August, we will be launching our "Spread Kindness" IG Challenge that will last until the Saturday before Christmas. With a lot of other companies rallying behind the challenge there will be some awesome raffle prizes for this challenge almost every week! Ensure to follow our IG to stay tuned for the details! 

Starting 1 September, we will be partnering with Off-Road Outreach located in NC to help in their mission with the homeless. We will have socks for purchase in our store and for every sale we will donate a pair to their cause! 

Thank you for taking the time to read all the exciting updates here at G Vibes.

Stay Blessed!


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