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Did Someone Say Peanut Butter & Bacon!

Posted by Britny Brown on

The island of Guam is such a beautiful place with their gorgeous beaches, amazing food, and sense of culture. Unfortunately, the homelessness of boonie dogs and cats is a huge issue on the island. When my wife and I came to vacation on Guam back in 2014, I didn't realize it as much as I do living here for the past 2 years. It breaks my heart to see these animals on a daily basis going hungry and limping around because of an injury. I knew I wanted to do one last fundraiser for the community of Guam before I PCS (military talk, meaning before I move); and this is such a great opportunity! 

Helena and I had to think outside of the box to assist Bonnie Baby Foundation in their mission in getting the boonies neutered/spayed. We came up with a homemade doggie treat bake sale! It has already been the buzz locally on social media and we are humbled on how fast the news spread. I think everyone is aware there is an issue and if you talk to someone about it, they too have the heart to do something about it, it's just about the means of being able to do it. This fundraiser makes it easy for people to come together and get some delicious treats for their fur babies. 

Even though this fundraiser is only for the locals of Guam, with any of our fundraisers, you are more than welcome to donate. To do so, our PAYPAL email is g.vibesllc1@gmail.com - Please leave your name and a comment in your donation.

If you haven't heard about our #GVIBESCHALLENGE yet, I encourage you to check it out. We are doing an Instagram challenge and all you have to do is Spread Kindness, how awesome is that! To learn more, checkout out IG.

We truly appreciate everyone who has supported us along our journey! We just celebrated a year on 19 September and it wouldn't of been possible without you helping us make a difference. 


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