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G Vibes and Horsepower Therapy Partnership

Posted by Britny Brown on


Super excited to announce we are officially partnered with a Veteran owned Non-Profit, Horsepower Therapy! 


Horsepower Therapy is located in Gurley, Alabama. They use horsepower therapy to support, empower,and enrich the lives of America's veterans, combat-wounded veterans and their families to heal from their wounds; both visible and hidden. 

The power of social media is tremendous in the times we live in. I learned about Horsepower Therapy through Veterans Referring Veterans (VRV) on Instagram. Side Note: If you are a veteran owned business, I highly encourage you to be apart of their amazing program. I reached out to Brian, the owner of Horsepower Therapy, and learned he served 22 years in the military and uses his passions to help those in need. 

I am really excited the opportunity to partner with them presented itself and I am looking forward to see what will unfold from the partnership. From Aug - Oct they will be receiving proceeds from our sales and we also launched a fundraiser through our online store in which they will be receiving 100% of those proceeds. 



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