“As we work to bring light to others, we naturally light our own way” - M. Radmacher

The Community

Posted by Britny Brown on

Before G Vibes, we were a small home based business doing custom designed T-shirts. Since COVID-19, we saw a need for help within the local community and we were determined to make a positive impact. Over the course of the last three months, our company has dedicated itself to unburdening the local community through fundraising efforts alongside non-profit organizations. These collaborations have allowed us to fundraise enough money to provide masks to the local homeless population, feed families-in-need with Kadu Caregivers, provide basic amenities for displaced mothers and children with Alee Shelter, and offer care packages for the elderly with St. Dominic’s Senior Care Home.

While spreading our wings we bring that same spirit into our new Company. Recently, G Vibes has extended its reach beyond the local community to a more national approach. We are excited to partner with Horsepower Therapy come August to assist them in their mission to help veterans with PTSD.


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