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Bourbon Barrel Flag

G Vibes

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All flags come coated with indoor polyurethane.

THE LIEUTENANT 6" X 14" a Veteran Handcrafted American Flags made from Kentucky bourbon barrels.

Cruise Customs Bourbon Barrel Flags handcrafts each piece right in Louisville, Kentucky - the heart of bourbon country. The Lieutenant flag is their most beloved collection. The perfect size flag for a table top, gift, or small wall decor. Their flags wave proud in houses all across the country, they are truly a great way to show your American pride. 

With these flags, you are buying more than just a flag - you are buying a new purpose. These Veterans have found therapy in woodworking, handcrafting the American Flag from bourbon barrel staves to an end product that their proud to stand behind. Each bourbon barrel wooden flag they produce is different but beautiful in its own way. The grain of the wood, the characteristics of the rustic white oak, and the raised elements that are featured in our flags will truly be a conversation piece in your home. 

These flags are made to order, please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping after the date they are ordered. Add an Easel to completed your set!