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G Vibes

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Never settle for an average shave! These shavers are handmade by a Veteran owned business, Valkryie, and they produce amazing shavers that deliver smooth results. 

These one of a kind shavers save you money by not having to continuously purchase cheap shavers that get thrown away after a couple of weeks! 

See the below details on each shaver option:

Galaxy Safety Razor

  • Hand Turned Black & Red Onyx with Chrome accents.
  • Custom fitted with DE Saftey Razor head for a smooth & precise shave
  • 90 day warranty on all shavers!

Whisky Barrel Razor 

  • Handmade, Polished, and clear coated in polycrylic into a custom razor that will last for years to come. 
  • Great for any whisky lover!
  • Available in a Mach 3 or DE Safety Head Razor

Ebony Razor

  • Beautiful handmade, hand polished, sealed with polyacrylic for a long lasting finish makes for a one of a kind razor.
  • Perfect option for anyone seeking a smooth shave.
  • Accepts all Gillette Mach 3 Razor heads for easy switch out. 
  • Also available in Gillette Fusion Head.

Hawaiian Mango Wood Razor

  • This razor is a beautiful light golden brown with streaks of yellow and black with great detail in the grain. 
  • Fitted for the Gillette 3 Razor head 
  • Made to last!