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Sun Kissed Skin Cream

G Vibes

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Gotta Have It Crafty, is a family & veteran owned businesses! Their products are 100% made in the U.S. and 100% Natural. 

Current Environment Causing You to Have Dry Skin? 🌵

I have noticed that living under the Florida sun my skin is drier than it has been in years past, even in the hot, humid Florida summers. Another area of issue are those pesky wrinkles, crows’ feet, and unwanted lines.

Upon researching Natural Skin Care, I have found a lot of research that provides information on how collagen LOVES vitamin C! 🍊🍋 So, what better to put in Natural Beauty Product than the beautiful little orange that Florida is so well known for!

It will leave your face and neck feeling hydrated and soft all day, even with makeup on!

This is also great for guys as an Aftershave Lotion.

Ingredients for our natural and safe product is made of pure:

* Raw Shea Butter
* Unrefined Coconut Oil
* Beeswax
* Orange Peel
* Orange Essential Oil
* Lemon Essential Oil

The container is a 2 oz. (60ml) amber glass with lid.