“As we work to bring light to others, we naturally light our own way” - M. Radmacher


G Vibes

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PVSG Woodworking is an American made, Navy Veteran Company where all flags are handcrafted in Oviedo, Florida and made with the values that are the foundation of this Company: Pride, Victory, Sacrifice, and Grace (PVSG)Each flag has it's own unique look. (They will differ from the photos shown)

These flags are made to order and will look great on a desk, table, or even on a wall. This is a perfect gift for any Service member leaving their duty station! Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for shipping after the date the flag is ordered. 

Supporting this company not only supports a veteran owned business but also a veteran who has found woodworking to be a positive form of therapy. 

All flags are intended for indoor use only!

Size 10" X 18.5"