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Natural Bug Spray

G Vibes

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Tired of having to deal with those pesky insects? 🦟🐜

Tory and Michael from Gotta Have It Crafty, have formulated a product for the whole family, including the fur babies!

It is an all-natural DEET free flea, tick, and mosquito spray to help with those pesky insects the natural way. If you are in the south and know about yellow flies, it will also help with these vicious monsters!

Size: 4oz cobalt blue glass spray bottle.

* Distilled Water
* Apple Cider Vinegar
* Vitamin E Oil
* Witch Hazel
* Peppermint Oil
* Cedarwood Oil
* Lavender Oil
* Lemongrass Oil
* Rosemary Oil

These ingredients provide a fresh, clean scent that is not irritating to the skin and is perfect for sensitive skin.

Enjoy being outside without the hassles of being bitten by these irritating insects!

TO USEShake bottle well and spray liberally on all exposed areas.

FOR PETSTake one hand and pet backward (against the grain, so to speak), spraying as you do to get as close to the skin as possible. Then spray again going with the hair growth (with the grain).

Happy Outings!