“As we work to bring light to others, we naturally light our own way” - M. Radmacher

North Winter Woods

G Vibes

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Enjoy this non-traditional holiday scent year round!  This is deep, woodsy and snow covered evergreen walk through the woods.  Mid notes of gardenia with a touch of pine, bark, and citrus are wrapped in floral highlights of shimmering jasmine, sweet lily-of-the-valley, spiced geranium leaf and a touch of cool musk. This limited-release scent will be your new favorite holiday candle. Get it before it's too late!

At True North Candle Forge, they challenge you to live life adventurously. Their goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle through adventure, exploration, and the enjoyment of our wonderful outdoor world.

True North Candle Forge was founded on the principle 'So Others May Live'. They are extremely aware that many candles are produced with toxic, petroleum, and synthetic based wax and materials. True North Candle Forge will NEVER use these harmful products. Their candles will only be made utilizing Coconut Wax; all of which are environmentally sustainable and healthful to humans and pets alike. We challenge you to go out and have an adventure today, then burn a candle forged in the True North.

By purchasing one of these candles you are not only supporting a Veteran owned business but also impacting out nonprofit partnerships! 

All candles are 6oz.